Mechatronic Unit Repair

The Mechatronic Unit or Mechatronic is the unit that acts as the central control of the DSG gearbox. All the signals sent by the sensors and other control units reach it. The Mechatronic is the one who operates and monitors everything that is happening in the gearbox.

It is also responsible for managing and hydraulically regulating the operation of 8 gearbox actuators by means of 6 pressure modulating valves and 5 switching valves. At the same time it controls and is in charge of regulating the pressure as well as the flow of the oil that is in charge of cooling the 2 clutches.

The Mechatronics control unit is responsible for automatically memorizing and adapting the position of the two clutches, that of the shift actuators when a gear is engaged, and it does the same with the main pressure.

At EuroGearBox we take care of repairing the Mechatronic of your DSG gearbox and we only work with new original material.