Torque Converter Regeneration

Torque Converter Regeneration

The failure of the torque converter is something that is usually detected by oil leaks in the transmission and by a significant vibration when the vehicle is idling. In some vehicles, the gearbox becomes completely unresponsive but in rare cases, the transmission allows some gears to be engaged, usually up to second gear.

What is the converter?

Automatic gearboxes lack a clutch as in manual ones. The function of the clutch is fulfilled in this case by the converter. This is why the converter is a key part for the operation of the gearbox in automatic gearboxes, since, through its turbines, it transmits power to the engine.

At EuroGearBox we take care of the repair and regeneration of the converter. We disassemble the converter from the automatic gearbox and carefully analyze its condition, proceeding to replace the damaged parts or rebuild as many elements as necessary to repair your gearbox.

Bring your gearbox and we will repair your converter with a saving of up to 70% and with new materials of origin.

We have converters in stock for sale or exchange, do not hesitate to contact us.

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